Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekly Update: 30 January- 5 February 2017

I'm behind this week so this is last week's update. 

This week was different to usual because I participated in the Sun Run on Saturday and the Cole Classic Ocean Swim on Sunday. I wrote a separate post on the run here and a post about the Cole Classic here.  

Here are the flat lays I took for the Sun Run and Cole Classic. 

During the week I completed only two runs instead of the usual three. I replaced my Thursday night run with a swim because my legs were very sore from Monday's bootcamp. Usually I'd just push through the pain but I didn't want to make it worse because I had the Sun Run only two days later. Therefore, I only ran 14km during the week and both runs didn't feel particularly great. I had to skip the Parkrun because of the Sun Run on Saturday and I have to say I missed the Parkrun so much! It's the first one I haven't attended since October. I'm hoping this week will be better for running. 

No Tennis
I also had to miss tennis on Sunday in order to attend the ocean swim. Unfortunately I won't even be able to go next week due to another swimming commitment but I'll go back to tennis on 19th February. It felt rather sad not going to tennis because it's the one sport which is just for fun and doesn't involve pressure. 

This week I completed five training sessions, did my first ocean swim race and went to the usual Wednesday night swim club racing. That's a total of 16.7km for the week (more than usual) but 14.7km of it was in the pool. I added a swim on Thursday night because I couldn't run and don't like to go a full day without sport. Also I was conscious of missing my usual training on Sunday morning. Looking back I probably didn't need to do the Thursday swim because I still swam on Sunday just in an ocean but at the time I expected it from myself. I find swimming difficult on Thursday nights because I have to be at the pool again by 5.30am on Friday morning and it's too much. I only do it when I have to. I completed one of the long distance swims for the Masters Endurance Program. This was the 45 minute freestyle where I swam 2.75km. 

I was happy with two of my swims on Wednesday night at swim club- 36.65 for 50m butterfly and 1:23.65 for the 100m individual medley. The IM is a personal best by the smallest margin of 0.05 and the fly is the fastest time I've recorded. However I recorded 36.89 at a long course meet last December which converts to being faster than 36.65 short course. It was a good practice for racing both these events at the next masters meet this weekend. 

- After the past couple of weeks of pain in my upper back, which I finally worked out is from weights, I returned to some of these exercises again. I did the easier weights but avoided the standing fly just to be safe. I also reintroduced some push-ups. 
- This week I'd like to stick to a program of 5 push-ups and 20 crunches three times a week (in addition to the usual weekly bootcamp session) as a bonus. I also want to make sure I'm doing weights correctly to avoid potential injury.
- Still need to improve the diet substantially. I resumed making smoothies this week but need to more often. 
- I intend to finally fit in some 100m sprints this week. 

Weekly Photo
Just another picture of a pool. 

What did you achieve this week? 

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  1. I am so impressed with you Imogen... you inspire me to want to get out and do something, I have some thoughts and I am working on them... more so when this snow is gone... Have a great week xox